So I meant to update this on the actual fourth of July and it ended up slipping my mind. Oh well. The party was awesome! Everyone brought such good food and we had about fifteen people or so (we rented the AP House 2 Kitchen; it’s stocked with all sorts of expensive equipment). I also found sparklers (at The Daiso, of all places–I KNOW you can’t buy fireworks at most American dollar stores).

We had a true “American” meal–cheeseburgers, popcorn, nachos, chicken soup, candy bars, freedom fries, grilled cheese, and chocolate-dipped Oreos–and we all got /so sick/ but it was worth it. Word to the wise: if you’ve been eating wholesome healthy Japanese food for two months, don’t all of a sudden eat nothing but junk for three hours. Your body doesn’t appreciate it. xD

Photo taken by Sanna Zhao: