Pictures to come later, as Huong took them all and she’s currently on the bus.
So because it’s the last night for a great many people, I decided to set off sparklers in honor of the end of a tough semester. So I invited everyone I could think of and we set up a candle behind AP House 2. There’s a giant patio for the smoking area out there that was perfect for fireworks.

Unfortunately, the wind wouldn’t cooperate. Those sparklers that did light, didn’t stay lit for very long. So we got through about eighty of them (they only last fifteen seconds even when they’re lit properly–dollar store fireworks, whaddaya expect? :P) and then Lee said “Hey, there’s less wind out in front of AP House, let’s go there.”

Now, get this. We’d been lighting sparklers for a full forty minutes out BEHIND AP House 2 and not one person said anything. Not even five minutes after we’d lit the sparklers in FRONT of AP House, though, a little woman in a suit came bustling out and said quite firmly, “DAME YO!” (THAT’S BAD!) “You can’t do that here!” So Lee asks, “Doko ga ii desu ka?” (Where is good?) and she turned to face him and just went with quite an attitude “Do you WANT to go to office?” In English. I think she may have thought he was being sarcastic, as he has a heavy accent when he uses Japanese. “You can’t use those here or anywhere around here.”

“I didn’t see a rule about that.” I mentioned casually, because I am a nerd and had perused the rules beforehand, “Only about fire indoors.”

“No! It is a rule. You cannot use them. Only fire is allowed in smoking areas, but even there you cannot use those.”

Fun-killers. You know what I think? I think it wasn’t so much the dangerous sparks or open flames that pissed them off: it was the fact that we didn’t have a sign-in sheet or sixteen seals from the Security Office. 😛

Anyway, we got a good ninety of ’em or so lit, so I’m happy. Here’s to the end of a wonderful semester!

Credit for this image goes to whoever originally took it; I just wandered through Google until I found one I liked. And there’s no link that isn’t sixteen million characters long, so…