WARNING: Massive rant ahead. If you don’t want to listen to me complain, don’t bother reading this. No pictures again today (well, maybe one). I know, I know. Tomorrow. Promise. Pinky swear. Okay? Moving on.


I don’t typically like to judge people based on one meeting, as I realize that no one’s perfect and that we all have bad days. Usually, if I catch myself judging someone, I hit myself over the head until I stop.

However. In this case, I am willing to make an exception.

I’m sure we’ve all met that guy. That guy, who walks in the room and exudes an air of arrogance and irritability. Who you take one look at and realize, “I dislike this person and I’ll think of a reason why later.” Ladies and gentlemen, I have met that guy today.

I won’t name names since that would be childish. But he is a professor at Ritsumeikan APU and he happens to come from England. Oh, and let’s not forget: he came from a law school. Why is it that the worst professors I’ve ever had have come from law schools? Do they manufacture jerks there?

Here’s what happened. He walks into the class and starts passing big sheets of paper with the syllabus on them out. He seems okay at first, introducing himself and saying that he’ll be teaching a special lecture on Political Science because he was asked here (As. A. Guest.) by the university to teach this class. And then… he keeps talking…

This school is weird. The classes are too short. He doesn’t have enough time to cover what he wants to. He’d prefer to cover full books each lecture but obviously we just won’t be able to do that. He should expect us students to put in six hours of work per week outside of the class time. So that’s fine, we can do that. But then he says that we probably won’t because “Most teachers in this school don’t give a damn about education and most of the students are the same. Put them in a room together and they’re quite happy.” And let’s not forget the little comment about how “if you were attending a civilized school, you’d be expected to do this level of work.” Ummm, hello?! We’re a real school! Accredited and everything. And in fact, a lot of the classes are very difficult here. He made it sound like HE was the only REAL professor in this school, even saying, “I refuse to compromise, so I will teach this class exactly as I would anywhere else.” He then generalized the entire class (“Judging by a quick look, not many of you [are native English speakers].”) and generally set off every “asshat alarm” that I have.

Let me make it clear that this is all within the first twenty minutes of class. I sat there, getting angrier and angrier, biting my tongue so hard that I swear I made myself bleed, and finally when he started talking about how only ‘dedicated students’ would stay in his class, I stood up and left. Quietly, I didn’t make a fuss. I wanted to. Oh believe me, I wanted to. But one more minute of that and I would have leaped across the room and strangled him.

I’m sorry. Maybe I’m overreacting. But those quotes are all quotes, I swear to you that they are accurate. Now riddle me this. If you are a guest lecturer in a university which is admittedly new, but known for its international standards (and is also the sister school to Ritsumeikan in Kyoto, which is a very esteemed college), would you come in and insult your hosts in such a coarse and rude manner? Call them uncivilized? Say that they’re strange and wrong and not a real university? I know I wouldn’t be as rude as he was.

Plus, he has a stupid accent. Posh. Nyah.

Okay, rant over.

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