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Boys & Girls

We were made to attend a Boys/Girls Understanding Orientation thing today. Thankfully, it is the. Last. One. What happens is, they show you videos of two people from different cultures interacting and you get to sit in circles and discuss what you would do.

It was as boring and pointless as it sounds.

And… that’s literally all that happened today. Tomorrow is the first day of classes, so expect a long post. Until then, have a picture:

This is the Pacific Ocean. I’m not sure whose ship that is, but my guess is that it’s some sort of government vessel.


Japanese Sex Ed?! >.O


Okay so if you CAN’T TELL FROM THE TITLE, this post contains some images that some readers may find “offensive.” They’re just cartoons and I find them absolutely-freakin’-hilarious, but if you don’t, that’s cool. Just don’t read this post. Get it? Got it? Good.

Now then. We were forced to go to the Japanese Sexual Awareness and Prevention Orientation hosted by APU’s Medical Clinic. The woman running it acted verrrry surprised when she asked who has had sex ed before and the whole audience’s hands went up. Do they seriously wait until college to teach their students about STDs? Anyway, the program itself was extremely boring and useless, common sense mumbled by a woman who was obviously mortified to have drawn the short straw of the week. Use condoms, don’t have multiple sexual partners, take birth control… so that’s hardly worth noting. Well, except for the way they described the “sexual web” (sorry for the crappy quality, I only had my iPod at the seminar):

So I know you can’t really read it, but what it’s basically saying is that the only safe one here is F, since she’s not sexually active. The audience lost it when this slide came up, I think a good sixty percent of us (from 80 different countries, mind) were going “Pttttttthhhhhhhhh” with the attempt to hold in laughter. We’re your future, folks! Hiiii! 😀

But no, it’s the PAMPHLETS given out at the END of the orientation that are really worth this post. One in particular, called the “Safe Sex Guide,” caught my attention because it is literally jam packed with cartoons. Yes. Cartoons. About horrible and deadly diseases. Here, take a look:

Can you tell which is which?! And as if that’s not strange enough, have a look at the cartoons for the proper way to put on a condom:

I don’t know about yours, but my Sex Ed in highschool did NOT contain cartoons. Mostly it consisted of that poster in the nurse’s office:


Considerably less effective, I think, as I for one will never get the image of “cartoon Gonorrhea twat” out of my mind…