If you got that reference… I love you. xD Now then. Today was my very first day of class! Whoooo!

To be honest, I was getting a little tired of having nothing to do with my days. So today I had Japanese Foundation II and Cultural Anthropology. The way that classes work at APU is a little different than most American universities. See, at APU, there are six set “periods” in the day. The first period begins at 8:45 and ends at 10:20. That’s a ninety minute class period with a five minute break in the middle. You get ten minutes in between periods to get to your next class. APU’s campus is fairly small, so it’s manageable.

APU is also on the “quarter system” which means that most classes last about a month and a half. For “semester” courses, that length doubles. This is why most students at APU can take 16-20 credits a semester, because quarter classes are shorter. Of course, it’s the same amount of material as in a regular class, only covered twice as quickly. So do please be careful not to over-schedule yourselves. I’d recommend 18 credits if you can find that many classes that you are interested in.

BE CAREFUL: For study abroad students on a college visa, the minimum required credits are 10. This is so easy to accomplish at APU that it shouldn’t present any concerns to most students… but if you’re lazy or don’t like the course selection, suck it up and make sure you schedule at least 10 for your semester.

I don’t have any pictures for today. Sorry.

My Japanese sensei’s name is Iwamoto Jouji. He, apparently, loves gadgets and singing in his rock band. He’s from Kyoto and seems like a fairly interesting professor; though, I try not to judge until after the first full week of lessons. And… he looks a little like Adachi from Persona 4 (! Should I be worried? There’s a TV in our classroom. :P). Just sayin’.

If you don’t know SMT games, don’t try to get the joke. Not for y’all.

My other professor is Americanadiaustralian. Yay triple nationalities…? That really screws with the accent, huh? He seems nice too, taught the whole class how to use Blackboard v. 6 today. Apparently we shall be watching a ten part anthropological series in his class. Seems interesting, judging by the first five minutes he showed us. And… I laugh at his “this is a heavy workload” comment. We get to watch TV and read sixty pages a week. Compared to Rutgers, that’s like… a children’s storybook. The only thing keeping me busy will be my ridiculous amount of credits.

Anyway, I feel like I’m rambling so I’m going to go to bed, because it’s late and I have a morning class tomorrow. Oh, goody!