I honestly don’t know what to write for today.

…I… went to Beppu and did the week’s shopping? But I only went to Tokiwa this time, and you already have pictures of that. I had potato soup (it comes in a pouch) with some of my friends. I did the rest of my homework. I’m boring, what can I say?

I may not post every day from now on. Or, if I do, it’ll be things like “AP House Guide” and such, whenever another event-free day like this comes around. I have some trips planned for next weekend, but until then it’ll mostly be class. Class. And more class. I’m taking 14 credits after all, and I have six full hours of Japanese lecture alone each week (this not counting the immersion, homework, or group study FOR said class–all in Japanese too).

But for today, I’m really just… tired.

The last of the magnolias are blooming along APU’s campus:

Sorry. I’ll try to be more fun tomorrow. ‘Til then.