Name: Ven

Birthdate: March 9th, 1992

Blood Type: O+

Hometown: Stewartsville

Likes: Reading, photography, biking, karate, getting lost, wolves, rain, books, fire, music.

Dislikes: Twitter, Facebook, narcissistic ego-kicking wannabes.


Background: Must you ask? Hmm. Well, I am a pathological liar, so read at your own risk. I was born and raised pretty much in the same way as most children are all over this planet: by parents who had no book, no experience (saving my older brother), and no certification.
Yet, somehow, I turned out okay. My parents always said that they didn’t want to destroy my brain and confidence the way we do to most women (refer to my friend’s statement of “Dumb is NEVER cute.”) and so raised me to believe that I am capable of absolutely anything I set my mind to. This is why I am currently studying abroad in Japan.

Oh yes. A quick sidetrack to tAll Rights Reserved. I don't own, so you don't sue.hose people out there who hear this and go “Lucky.” No. That pisses me off. I was NOT merely “lucky” to come to Japan. I happen to have an amazingly supportive family, lots of loans, and a stubborn streak a mile wide. Do you have any idea how difficult it is just to get INTO this country, let alone stay here for any length of time?! So you may call me “lucky” if you wish, but it is not true. I am fortunate in certain ways. But don’t ever think that this semester was dropped into my lap because I wistfully sighed one day that I’d sure like to study here.

Ahem. Now then. I am currently studying in Beppu, Japan, at Asia Pacific University. I like the university so far, though it’s a bit small compared to my ‘home school.’ I plan to go to Nagasaki, Tokyo, Kyoto, and anywhere else I can manage to get a rail or bus pass to. I’ll be here until August of 2012. It’s too short of a time. Perhaps this sounds greedy of me, but I really do wish I had a full year here. Now that I am acclimated (I, of course, have cried a few nights because ohgodI’msoalone and whyamIHERE and other such babbles), I love this country. Of course, there are things I miss about America. I don’t pretend to be invincible. But I can honestly see myself living here.

That’s all.

*The owner of this blog would like to note, here, the difference between ignorance and stupidity. It is possible to be ignorant and still be tolerable. The owner of this blog makes no claims as to her own expertise on any matter whatsoever. However, true idiots are surrounded by the tools they need to educate themselves, yet they refuse to do so. An ability to improve one’s knowledge coupled with the apathy that makes it so those tools are never used: This makes a true idiot.