Aaah… could this day get any better? I had my very first, ever, karate lesson today. And then I went out to lunch at YouMe Town and tried the famous tonkatsu ramen, which was so amazingly good (though, LOTS of noodles). Never thought I’D be liking soup, but there you have it.

I’m a bit sore from three hours of karate, but it was well worth it and I will definitely be returning. I learned to walk, today.


This may not… seem like the most terribly exciting thing, but it’s absolutely essential to karate. When I told Sensei that I was level zero (lit: Never studied before), he clapped his hands and more or less said, “Goody! You’re ahead of the curve since I don’t have to retrain you.” So he taught me to walk.

Let me ask you something. When you walk, do you think about it? Do you plan each step, feel what muscles you’re using to achieve this end? The answer is most likely, no.

So. Three hours of karate drills. I learned not only how to walk, but how to block, punch, and kick. Of course, right now, I suck at all of those. But ‘s okay! I’ll learn. But as you can imagine, I’m exhausted, so… no pictures today. I’m. Going. To. Sleep. G’night!