So okay. This wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. TO ALL TRANSFER STUDENTS: Don’t go to Ohanami. Take the bus to Beppu Park and take pictures yourself. Seriously, it is not worth the aggravation.

Here’s how it went: we descended en masse on the bus stop, took the buses to Beppu Station, walked to Beppu Park, and spent four hours playing stupid icebreaker games in groups decided for us at random. I only managed to actually get pictures of cherry blossoms once I broke away from the group and wandered around with Jayna and Alex and Kazuma and Martha. I mean… Ohanami literally translates to “honored flower sighting” so… why weren’t we doing any flower sighting?! It’s just more of APU trying to force us to make friends.

Granted. I want to make friends. But I prefer to do it on my schedule and in my way, not by playing incredibly awkward and stupid games (Link arms and everybody jump in! Then out! Then left!). In fact the friend I made today, Kazuma, we ended up meeting each other in the line before the groups were even sorted. He’s a L’Arc~en~Ciel freak like me. For those readers going, “L’Arc~en~Ciel, what?” Just. Watch this. Right now.

This. This is L’Arc~en~Ciel. Unfortunately Youtube’s taken down most of their music videos, but this is still a really good live.

Ahem. Anyway. Sorry, got sidetracked… it’s L’Arc~en~Ciel, what can I do? Have a gallery of the Ohanami ‘party’ (we managed to have a good time in BETWEEN all of the boring games):


So, afterwards, since I certainly wasn’t going home without any pictures of cherry blossoms, I decided to grab my photographer friends and hit the rest of the park, which is b-e-a-utiful. I mean, really, just gorgeous. Here, have another gallery:

So anyway, that’s Beppu Park. Once we’d taken six million pictures each (every time you turned around there was something else you just HAD to photograph), we headed back from whence we came and (you guessed it) dropped by You Me to check out whether or not international students could buy cell phones (you can’t. By the by. Not until you get your Alien Registration Card). But juust before we left, I snapped a bunch of pictures of this adorable child:

It didn’t really fit the theme of the rest of the gallery, but for some reason I love the way this picture came out. Anyway. That’s it for the long, long, Ohanami post I promised. See you tomorrow~.