I cannot wait for classes to start. So very, very bored. Well at least, tomorrow, I am going to go food shopping for the week and then we have the Welcome Banquet as well.

So for today, since nothing else happened, I will show you what most APU students live off of:


These are available in all sorts of flavors and combinations at the APU Co-Op, but get there early or there won’t be anything left! This particular plate contains white rice, karage (a sort of fried boneless chicken), half of a koroge (mashed potato salad with celery and carrots) patty that’s been breaded and fried, spaghetti, banana peppers, and macaroni salad. The box is about 6 by 8 inches and is literally stuffed with food. For 298 JPY, it’s a bargain, especially considering that the same amount of rice will cost 105 JPY and the chicken 240 JPY at the cafeteria. So, if you’re looking for a way to eat good cooking without breaking the bank, this is the option for you. A suggestion, though–take it back to AP House and heat it up there, because microwaving really doesn’t work on this stuff.

Of course, it still works out cheaper to buy specials at the grocery store and cook for yourself, but when you’re dumb and leave the fried rice out overnight, this is a backup.