Today, I did hardly anything at all. We had a T-Storm Warning that took up half of the day (you’re not allowed to leave the building during an official warning from the National Security Office). The wind and rain were insane; we are entering monsoon season after all.

After the T-Storm Warning ended, Allana and I went to the IT Department on campus to figure out why she couldn’t log in to her campus e-mail. Quick note to any students using the APU G-mail: when you log in, be sure to ONLY type in your username into the top bar and NOT your enter e-mail address. So “abc123” and not “” Also, if you reset your password, be aware that it can (and usually does) take up to an hour for the change to happen, during which time your e-mail and Web Campus will be completely inaccessible.

In other news, I tried melon bread today:

This Japanese special (known locally as “meron pan”) has the unique property of tasting neither like melons nor bread. The best way I can think of to describe it is “sweet air,” because although the outside is crispy, the inside has almost the texture of cotton candy. In fact, the name “meron pan” comes from two places: one, the shape of the bread (it’s meant to emulate a honeydew melon), and two, the Portuguese word for “bread” (Japan has taken many words from Portuguese, as Portugal was one of the first countries to be allowed to trade in Japan).

The entrance ceremony is tomorrow. I’ll take lots of pictures. Until then, peace.