Silly, the things we miss, huh? But I had one hell of a day yesterday despite this, since it may as well have been April Fools’… see… there was a schedule discrepancy. Doesn’t seem like such a big deal until you consider that I AM IN JAPAN. And in Japan, the schedule is God. Now. When you have two schedules that say different things and both have been confirmed by authorities to be correct, what do you get? …Chaaaaaos.

They sent us to this building, they sent us to that building, they tried to fill the room, they emptied the room, they told everyone to just wait a moment PLEASE GOD JUST WAIT WE DON’T KNOW EITHER AAAAAAH. They mixed up the E-base and J-base students, they crossed the seminar times, they took the wrong people to the wrong rooms to give the wrong presentations. Once everyone was finally sorted out and they got the presentations going, they were boring and useless (“This is how you log in”). The library tour was admittedly interesting if not mostly useless (“These are the quiet study rooms. They’re for quiet studying.”) At APU, the Library is divided into sections known as Pangaea 1-7. Each section has a different function: there are quiet study areas, group study rooms, intensive study rooms, reference sections, a tutoring section, and a casual reading section.

So after that mess was all over and done with, I went back to the dorms to make dinner. I only cooked for myself since we had no one assigned for tonight. I made some panko chicken and I guess something about this was fascinating, since a crowd gathered around me and asked questions and oooohed at it once it was done. Idon’treallyknowwhy. My extrapolation is that in any college dorm, being able to cook without using a mix or prepackaged ingredients is considered impressive. I’m trying to squash my new nickname “Chef” before it sticks.