Today, this morning, we had Health Checkups in Beppu. They give you this little hospital shirt that’s kind of like a hakama (loose sleeves, front flaps that you tie over each other). Then you proceed through a series of hallways and rooms (maze) where you’re given stamps (cheese) once you pass through the tests (obstacles). They took blood. They took urine. They tested height, weight, blood pressure, eyesight, and heart rate. They had an interview about any possible symptoms. I was half surprised they didn’t take my fingerprints, to be honest.

Anyway, after the first group (all transfer students) got done, we took the bus back and more or less rioted, at least by Japanese standards. We were singing Monty Python and Nightmare songs at the top of our lungs and laughing and telling all sorts of stories about previous hospitalizations. Once we got to the school and saw the next batch waiting, we all acted like we’d been tortured (shuffling feet, looking everywhere shiftily, flinching at the breeze, going “ohnopleaseDON’T,” et cetera) and told the fresh meat all sorts of horrid lies about what they’d undergo. “Don’t go! Run awaaay!” …yeah we’re mean. But c’mon, they’re FRESHMEN. If we don’t toughen them up they’ll never survive for four years.

Short post today since I have the rest of the day off~. Ah, glorious free time.