It suuuuuuccccckkkkksssss. Okay now I got that out of my system. So apparently at APU we have an eleven hour orientation… just got back from that. Lots of useful information but in a very very boring format. Best part of the day was, I made some new friends. Five new friends from five different countries, none of which are America. My roommate is from Hokkaido and gave me a Nippon-Ham Yu Darvis poster. Too bad I don’t know baseball, but it is still such a cool gift!

So orientation was interesting in one way; we got to go around playing “Tomodachi Bingo” which is like regular bingo but you have to find people and ask them questions to score points. The first three winners had to come up and introduce themselves and their friends. One of them later made a study group which I joined, so that’s a lot of fun. We all basically yell at each other in Japanese and get corrected alot, which is perfect.

I tested into Foundation II Japanese. Foundation II is chapters 8-14 of the Genki textbooks, and my last class stopped at chapter 7, so it’s really perfect. Class does not begin until April 11th, so until then I have many things to do. We’ve already arranged a cooking co-op on my floor and on Saturday, the six of us are going into Beppu City to buy groceries (fresh produce is not sold in the school food store). We had yakitori (noodles and sauce) and takoyaki (little dough balls with octopus in them) tonight, and yesterday night we had corn and Japanese sweet potato stew. I don’t know yet what I will cook when it’s my turn. I did buy a week’s worth of rice, some eggs, and milk from the APU store, so at least I have breakfast. Lunch I usually get at the cafeteria, as a brick of tofu and white rice is only 140 JPY. The tofu, I’ve found a cooked version, so it’s much better tasting than that chilled stuff.

I feel like I’m rambling but I don’t really know what to say. Tomorrow I will show you the APU House in pictures and explain each one, but I’m too tired to post them all tonight. Jaa, oyasumi!