I moved in last night but I was too tired to post anything, since my flights literally took twenty-two hours across thirteen timezones; however, I slept really well and now it’s morning. My room is about eight by ten feet, or maybe closer to two by three meters.

I’ve never kept a blog and don’t know quite what people expect me to write… but I’ll try to tell you about anything interesting that happens to me. The flights were mostly uneventful besides that, though we did fly over Siberia and its giant mountains of snow and ice. I couldn’t get any good pictures, unfortunately, as I was in the aisle seat. And on the second flight, I was adopted by the flight attendants once they figured out that I was going to Beppu to study Japanese. They were very kind to speak Japanese with me and to slow down when I asked. We also literally flew past Fujisan. It looked like a small hill with lots of snow on it from how high up we were. See?

Right now, I’m going to go get breakfast, since the cafeteria just opened up. I’ll write more on APU later–I took a lot of pictures. Oh, right. APU = Asia Pacific University = My home for the next four months.